Branding Advertising Services

Not many understand the almost blur line of difference that exists between branding and advertising. Branding the process of converting a commonly used commodity or a new product into a brand that’s known and sold for a premium. Whereas advertising is the process of building need, developing interest, giving information, persuading purchase and creating preferences.

While branding builds a story behind the commodity through a logo to associate with and a positioning statement to communicates it, advertising broadcasts the storyline by making it popular, reminding people of its existence and inducing repeated purchase.

Other than the logo, its colours, the fonts and the corporate identity, branding includes packaging design, the medium of communication, the style of graphics, the tone of communication and much more, all metered by something called a Brand Manual.

At Aptus Solution, other than being well-versed with your product, we study the market, understand your competition, locate the need gaps, tap fresh insights and then place your brand where it can fetch maximum impact. Being both branding experts as well as advertising nerds, we know where your brand has its best shot.